Hanging Baskets Are Striking And Vibrant For Exterior Spaces

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Published: 06th November 2012
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Hanging baskets turn gardeners into Merlin's apprentices as they move gardening from the ground to mid air. It grabs the eye of everybody and provides the finishing touch to a summer garden, as well as adding seasonal color and beauty to the dullest of winter walls and the most uncommon corners of your home. But hanging baskets are a lot simpler to make than many garden enthusiast would believe. 

Commercial hanging baskets are indeed striking and vibrant addition to the exterior of your home or even offices during sunny months. Using this container will help you create your own large hanging flower baskets using all of the flowers you love to make the perfect garden at your home and stores. But it does not take long for a fun adventure. With bazillion plant and hanging container choices available, it is obviously difficult to choose the right elements for your perfect hanging baskets.

When putting large hanging basket, you want to make sure that you have the right materials to use to create a stylish and beautiful hanging garden.

First you need to have a hanging basket, at least 24 in. diameter heavy duty mega size hanging basket with heavy gauge steel chains and hanging hooks will do. This is very ideal for cities, municipalities and commercial spaces or even for small garden. If you do not have this available in your area, you can purchase it at any reliable store online and can be shipped at a reasonable price. Pad the basket's rim with vinyl tubing to protect your trailing plants from breaking its stems. To do this, cut the tubing into lengths to fit between the spaces for the hangers. Slit the tubing lengthwise with scissors or cutter then wrap it around the rim of your basket. 

Place the real coconut coir husk liners, which is sometimes included when you buy hanging baskets online, in the basket and make sure that you have the ride side of the liner facing out. You can fold excess liner material over the trim. Place the water saucer inside the basket. Do not use saucers for shade baskets in damp climates for it keep the basket too moist for your plants. You can mark the liner for side planting of short trailing plants. These plants will help your baskets look beautiful and to have a grander and stunning look over time. Prepare  soil mix and moisten it with water. Add soil mix to the basket, patting it down firmly but gently, until it reaches 3 inches below the rim.

Prepare the plants you wish to put in your large hanging baskets. Insert plants through the slits in the liner. Remove plants from the original container holding them by the root ball to avoid damaging the stems. Wrap the root balls in a small plastic bags to insert the plant easily from the outside. From inside the planter, pull the root ball carefully and make it sure they rest on top of the soil. Remove the plastic bag and anchor the root with soil mix. Next add soil to within an inch of the rim. Place a beautiful plant in the center and add a set of foliage into your basket. Firm the soil around the base of each plant. Attach your hangers to the rim and hang the basket outside at a place where beauty is needed the most. Make sure to firm the soil around the roots of your plants on the top layer after you water them for the very first time.

To assemble hanging baskets, it is simple and easy to do. But matching colors and plants are very hard for gardeners. You just need a good imagination and a little inspiration so you could create a wonderful hanging baskets that you can use for your home and office.

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